University of Brighton Bake Sale!

Hi my friends,

Heres a quick update on the campaign so far!

So far we have completed our bake sale which we feel has gone extremely well. We all did a range of things, some of us made cakes, some of us bought cakes & Liv even managed to get a bakery in Kemp Town to donate some pastries which was amazing. She went with Rob & Mclaren on the morning of the bake sale to pick them up from the bakery & bring them to the university where we held the bake sale. The table was filled with cakes, pastries & various other sweets like cookies & a treat that Mclaren had made called puppy chow which consisted of shreddies, chocolate, peanut butter & sugar. The morning of the bake sale was slow but as the day went on the people kept coming overall we have managed to raise £106 so far & this was just our first event!

Coming up in the next week or so we have our pub quiz night being held at The Hive on the Falmer campus of UoB & on the same night we will announce the winners of our raffle this will all be done on the 14th May! Don’t forget to come & buy a ticket from us wherever you see us!

Much Love!


The Importance of Technology in Our Everyday Lives

Let’s face it, without technology in our lives, our everyday tasks would be otherwise impossible to achieve as technology plays an important part in our lives. Can you imagine just how much harder your life would be if you had absolutely zero technology to help you? No? Well just close your eyes and picture Kenya in your head and then maybe you’ll understand as they do not have the luxury of having technology at their disposal in their everyday lives.

This all changed one day when the SEMA group provided the Kenyan communities with technology to enable them to learn and have a better life as a result but one day their technology was sadly stolen and so far nothing has been done to replace it. Because of this, you can only begin to imagine of just how much that technology meant to them as it enabled them to learn about the world and have a better life but now that their tools of learning are gone, their lives have gone back to becoming harder and more challenging as a result.

This blog post is designed to make you think about how lucky you really are to have access to technology in your everyday life when there are others who don’t have access to a luxury this great and probably won’t do for a long time until it can be replaced. Just think about what it is you use technology for and how it has benefited you as an individual.

Technology helps you to do your work when you study, capture images that you can store as memories, gives you access to a wealth of information and resources, provides you with a means of contact with those you care about, enables you to learn about the outside world around you, giving you a means of working towards a dream of a successful future and so on. We may take it for granted but without technology, we would not be able to achieve these tasks so just imagine how hard it is for the communities of Kenya who once had access to these methods of a better future but they no longer do as someone has deprived them of that future they thought they would have.

Just take a long hard think about how lucky you are as an individual to have technology in your everyday life and think to yourself “what can I do to help those who don’t have access to the same luxuries I do?” which is just one of the many aims this campaign helps you to think long and hard about what it is you can do to help those less fortunate then yourself as we should all have equal access to tools, materials, resources, information and so on that will enable us to have a successful future and not suffer in poverty.



Kenya is a country in Africa and has a population of approximatly 45 million people. Wow. That’s a lot.

Let’s zoom in. SEMA is a small group aimed at teaching local communites in Kenya about technology, such as computers and cameras. Kenya does have technology as part of every-day life as it is in Britian, so workshops like SEMA’s are important to teach skills that cannot just teach them skills for their proffesional lives, but their social ones as-well.

Even so,  during this year, SEMA had a large amount of equipment they use to teach community’s, stolen. Technology, just gone, forever. Their is no money to just simply bring it back. How would you feel if ALL your technology was taken? No emails, no Facebook, nothing.

As part of our Social Action module, Media Studies students at the University of Brighton do not feel this is right, so during April and May of this year we will be creating events and posting online to not only raise money, but also tell you more about why such a beautiful place should have your attention.

Make sure to have your say using the #UoBTechForAll hashtag, and check back here for updates on everything we do. Do you think everyone should have acesss to technology?